Accounting Data Room Main Features

Accounting Data Room

Using cloud servers for storing company data is a risky practice. The platform on which you need to store sensitive company data, such as accounting reports, should have exceptional security, and fortunately, such platforms now exist. Accounting data room is a data room that allows you to store, share, edit and share sensitive documents without any risk. VDRs are applicable in almost any industry, and accounting is no exception, in this article we will take a closer look at the benefits of VDRs for accountants.

What is a virtual data room?

Virtual data rooms are unique solutions that, because of their security capabilities, have become prevalent in virtually every field of business, as well as medical, government, non-profit, legal, and accounting organizations. For accountants, a data room is a great way to keep confidential documents, share them with other employees and clients as well as business partners. 

Below we look at the main benefits of data rooms, and their impact on accounting activities.

Security – secure file sharing for accountants

So, as mentioned many times before, virtual data rooms are secure spaces. But what makes it so secure? Virtually all virtual data rooms have an international security certificate, which proves their ability to work with the confidential documents of their clients. In addition, the programs also have built-in anti-virus, advanced encryption features, and dual authentication – all of these features combine to create a powerful shell of a space that protects you from any external threats, unauthorized access, and data leakage.

Inside, VDRs also have additional security features.  These include detailed document access permissions. You can control how long a document can be accessed, remotely block that access, and prohibit and allow document interaction functions, such as prohibiting printing, copying, forwarding, and downloading the document. This feature also plays a big role in leakage protection, as well as watermarking and user activity tracking features.

Advanced Document Management

Accountants need to keep track of the order, and versions of their documents. Data Rooms offers you automation features that will greatly simplify your work, namely uploading and organizing documents. You can quickly move all the files that you have stored on your computer to the VDR space using mass upload or drag-and-drop functions. The program supports multiple file types, or it formats files into the desired format for you. The files are also automatically scanned for viruses during download. Also, the space automatically indexes your files and does not limit you to the number of files.

Structure your files however you like so that you, your colleagues, and partners can easily navigate the space. The smart search feature also makes it easy to find the right file. You can also manage document versions, allow collaborative editing, and the data room also provides automatic backups.

Flexible and easy to use

Despite the ability to perform complex processes, data rooms are very easy to use. The developers do their best to simplify the interface so that any user can understand its structure. VDR supports all operating systems and devices, including mobile ones. You can perform actions or access space documents anytime and anywhere, even while on the road.

Also, data rooms for accountants provide integration with office software packages, such as Word & Excel, to ensure you have a comfortable working environment, and the ability to perform all activities without leaving space.

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